Thursday, June 8, 2017

The Benefits of taking the Google Certified Educator Course Level 1

I recently completed the Google Certified Educator Course Level 1 and passed the test.

For me, there were several takeaways from taking the course.

  1. It was worthwhile taking the course and the test. At first, I questioned whether the time invested in going through the Fundamentals Training and taking the test (estimated at 3 hours) would provide value to my teaching. The general answer is YES and the test took me around 1:45 instead of the 3.
  2. While I did not learn that much on a skill basis, (such as sorting columns in sheets, adding a meeting to calendar, etc.) what came through strongly was the value in the ability to collaborate with the multitude of Google tools. The ability to collaborate with teachers, admin, and students alike is so much more valuable than I initially realized. 
  3. I learned of the value of Groups and Hangouts as an educational tool or for extra-curricular activities.
  4. It was valuable going through an exam again. It's been a long time and feeling the heart race a little bit and reviewing my questions before submitting was a good reminder of what my students go through.

Now it's on to the Digital Citizenship and Safety Course.

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