Thursday, June 8, 2017

Flipped Learning - Why? Part 1

I've started to take a certification course on flipped learning and here are some notes and thoughts.

Why flipped learning?

To many, it makes logical sense to flip a classroom from a pedagogical point of view. The lower levels of Blooms taxonomy are taught via video the night before. That way, the teacher has more class time to work with students on higher level thinking.

The course also emphasized:

  • Relationships
  • More time for higher learning tasks
  • Know the students cognitively
  • Know them as people
  • It makes the best use of class time where teacher is involved
    • They sited that a flipped class allowed for 50% more experiments during the course of the year and that grades went up 1 Standard Deviation
Here are some penguins explaining the flipped classroom model.

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