Saturday, June 10, 2017

Flipped Classroom - Shift Your Planning

I just completed Lesson 2 of the Flipped Learning Certification Level 1 Course from the Flipped Learning Global Initiative and it's been worth every penny ($70).

If you want a taste of the value of the course, there is a free How to Avoid the 17 Deadly Sins of Flipped Learning Technology Selection. Jon Bergmann's style is both compelling and engaging.

The takeaways from this lesson is that direct instruction moves from group to individual instruction (home) in a flipped model. The classroom then becomes a dynamic, interactive environment where students apply concepts and engage in the subject content (Bloom's Apply and Analyse).

The traditional classroom is the opposite. Direct instruction happens in the classroom and students are given a little time to practice or engage in the content in class. However, most of the homework tends to be completed by students alone at home. The flipped learning model allows students to do higher level activities with the expert (teacher) right there in class. Learning becomes more active.

Planning shifts to a micro video watched by the student at home. The teacher then plans for engaging, higher level activities in the classroom. It also makes time for longer term projects that can be completed both in class and at home.

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